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04/13 In Tiahuanaco, south-west of La Paz. The culture is the predecessor of the Incas.

04/14 Leaving La Paz. From this point on I was cycling solo.

04/14 I reached the lake Titikaka, one of my dream locations.

04/14 Here I met a nice Bolivian guy, selling ice cream with his bike. We continued the trip talking for about 5 km.

04/14 Women cleaning their clothes in the brook, drying and bleaching them on the grass.

04/14 Before I could cross the lake, I have to climb up a small hill. But I was not the only one.

04/15 In San Pablo, Children going to school on a cool and sunny morning.

04/15 The church of Copacabana.

04/16 I went to the Isla del Sol and Isla del Luna to see the birthplace of the Inca culture.

04/17 My talisman, an alpaca, hanging from my bike.

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