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San Petro de Atacama is in Chile, but as it was our gate to Boliva, so I put it in the Bolivia area. We travelled by bus from Santiago to San Petro. It was a 26 hour trip including a bus change in Calama.

03/30 The famous white church of San Petro (a photo, that you will see on every brochure about SP ;-)) and the obligatory Plaza de Armas.

03/30 A local woman doing her classical handicrafts while listening to Beethoven on her Walkman.

03/30 After our arrival, we used the remaining time to discover the region.

03/30 We drove to the Vale de la luna, a place that, because of it's formation and salty ground, looks at sunset like the moon. Good, that our bikes were equipped with light. This made the way home much more easy.

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