Santiago de Chile to Los Andes to Mendoza

03/22 So this will be the day, where we will master the pass: Christo Redentor at an altitude of 3155 m (10351 feet). As we got up early, we hit the road at 7am sharp. The sunrise awarded us.

03/22 A church when passing about 1500 m.

03/22 In the past, people had take incredible efforts to build a railroad over the Andes between Los Andes and Mendoza. But as it has become unprofitable, the private owner drops it, leaving a 300 km long memorial path of the sweat, people must have produced when building the route. Nowadays, many parts have collapsed, like the part you see on the picture below.

03/23 A quite dangerous route for trucks.

03/23 Now we are approaching the Caracoles (snails, Schnecken). At the curva 32 sign I had been not capable to shoot any pictures ;-)

03/23 Victory !
At the top of the mountain, one have to make his way through this tunnel. A Chilean guard gave us a lift in his Pickup.

03/23 This is how the world look like though my sunglasses.

03/23 The way down has its scenic attractions & feels much better in the legs!

03/23 The Aconcagua, with an altitude of 6962 m (22841 feet). The highest peak outside the Himalaya mountains. We decided to leave this one for the next trip.

03/23 The village square of a very small pueblo. A typical place for our amuerzo (lunch).

03/23 Puente del Inca, with actually was not build by the Incas, they just used this naturally builded bridge on their trail. But the house? - It may have been built my men. ;-)

03/23 When approaching Uspallata, we meet a bicycle race. I tried to compete, but these guys did not play fair: they lack mudguards, illumination and the bell.

03/23 After crossing the finishing line with the checked flag, lots of children surrounded me, asking any type of questions.

03/23 Finally we reached Mendoza. Here we will relax and - for sure - visit some vineyards.

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