Santiago de Chile to Los Andes to Mendoza

03/16 We took a bus from San Martin de los Andes to Temuco. And from Temuco to Santiago de Chile. Familiar with the Spanish language, the newspaper article will tell you about the weather conditions in the region (Winter is coming early). But I think the picture expresses the same very clearly, too

03/16 Santiago de Chile! Finally we made it to the capital of Chile. Below the main station.

03/16 The main square of towns in Chile are called Placa de armas. See how old and the new mixes up.

03/16 After we arrived in Santiago at 7am, took a cafe at the Plaza de Armas and enjoyed the view.

03/16 Sin palabras (Botton de panico). There have been times in the passed weeks where I would have been happy to have such a button ;-)

03/17 Plaza de Armas. The guy on the horse is Pedro de Valdivia, the founder of Santiago, in the background, you see the Iglesia de Santo Domingo. We stayed in una casa familia about 20 m from there

03/17 We took the funicular to climb up the Cerro San Christobal, located in the east of the centre. This is the virgin that watches over the city.

03/17 View from the hill after the sun had set down (about 8pm).

03/17 The underground station Universidad de Santiago. The murals are by the local artist Mario Toral.

03/17 Yves saw some ad, it made this Swiss guy feel very patriotic.

03/17 Barrio Bellavista. We visited the night part of Santiago, unfortunately, it was Sunday and most of the pubs had been closed. But the quarter is so nice, so colourful, we will come back, on Monday or Tuesday night.

03/18 As a big friend of good wine, it was a must to visit one the great vineyards in Chile. See the pictures from Concha y Toro

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