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03/10 Leaving Villa Angostura, we saw this nice old bus.

03/10 We headed north to San Martin de los Andes. This area, called Siete Lagos (Seven Lakes), offers marvelous views, when the weather is fine. And it was! The nights here are a litte cold, but what can you expect from the Andes? (The right picture shows a zipper of our tent frozen after a night of - 4 degree Celsius)

03/11 We are impressed of the landscape. Lean back and enjoy with us the pictures below.

03/11 The water shed, that divided the water of this small stream (right side) into the waters of the Pacific Ocean (upper left side) and the Atlantic Ocean (lower left side). If you are familiar with the Spanish language, you may read the sign.

03/12The church in San Martin de los Andes.

03/15 By the rainy weather condition (see newspaper article on the next page), we were forced to take the bus to Temuco. We visited the local marked to check out, what local people eat and buy. Here you see some vegetables aji.

03/14 As I am an adventurer, I not just take pictures of the important social live, I participate as well. But this soup was too much for me. After I tried all different cold, and slippery kinds of shells from this plate, I gave up and ordered a pice of good old salmon.

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