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The next two pages will show our Jeep trip from San Petro de Atacama to Uyuni. Below you see the flyer for the tour.

03/31 A minibus brought us from San Petro to the Bolivian border. This is due the fact, that Bolivia does not allow foreign cars conduct tours in their country. Our bus however was struggling the way up to the pass at about 4000 m. After half an hour going up, something smelled burned and I urged the driver to stop. After opening the battery compartment, flames stroke out. This had been the last moment and so the driver was able fix the problem on the road.

03/31 Bolivia!

04/01 At the border, we changed the car to a Toyota Jeep.

03/31 A forsaken bus at the border station.

03/31 Laguna verde

04/01 At Laguna colorado, where we slept the night. This was the house, we got after a small verbal fight with our driver. The agencies tend to over-book the tours and so only the first Jeeps will be served with sleeping facilities. Our driver wanted us to stay at about 5000 m altitude. We refused and negotiated this place (at 4100 m), because some people showed the first signs of altitude sickness.

04/01 Beside the discussions of last night, the driver was a very nice guy. We just sometimes had a hard time keeping him awake behind the steering wheel.

04/01 Los piedras. These are stone formations in the middle of the dessert. Because the wind blows the sand up just to a certain level, these strange formations were formed. The left one is called after Salvadore Dali.

04/01 An alpaca running away from the Jeep.

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