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04/06 This is the white city of Sucre (Capitol of Bolivia). We reached it with a bus from Uyuni.

04/05-06 Below you see some more photos of the city. After a day with clouds, we were lucky to see more sun and blue skies. The first picture shows our Hostal San Francisco, which costs us 7 US$ per night, quite expensive for Bolivia but a very good value for us.

04/06 At this day, the city was very calm because everybody was on strike against the bad economical situation in Bolivia. The trucks and buses barried all the roads, so only walking, biking and playing football was possible.

04/06 The colorful marked in Sucre.

04/06 A small house at the Cerro de Corazon de Jesus, one of the two hills close to the town.

04/06 Looking over Sucre to the north.

04/06 We are having breakfast at our favorite place, the vegetarian restaurant Kaypichu.

04/06 About 5 km outside of Sucre, people found a huge amout of dinosaur traces.

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