Puno Cusco / Machu Picchu Lima

04/17 I reached the Peruan border! This is the best picture, the customs officer was able to shoot. I have to duck, to be in the picture.

04/17 Transporting agricultural goods. Peru is full of pictures, you remember from geography lessons.

04/17 The 17th century church of Pomata. Everything is made of stone.

04/17 A woman making her way through the water.

04/17 This day, Peru was on strike. The roads were blocked by big rocks, but people let me and my bicycle pass.

04/17 The shower of my Hostal Grau in Ilave. It uses alcohol to produce warm water.

04/18 The way from Ilave to Puno was short but rainy (only for the first third of the way).

04/18 A huge indio face in the stone beside the street guards the city of Chucuito.

04/18 I made kilometer 3000!

04/18 A Peruan framer congratulated my to my km-anniversary. He looks though my polarised sunglasses and pointed out the volcano made of clouds at the ceiling.

04/18 Near to Puno, women are working with reed to build the typical lake Titikaka boats.

04/19 The Uros islands, made of reed, near Puno in the Titikaka lake. They are called the floating islands.

04/19 Children playing on the islands.

04/19 I bought this alpaca pullover at the isle.

04/19 I was invited to my host's home to join the birthday party of their little one.

04/19 We had a nice dinner in Cusco with local music and lot's of beer.

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