Puno Cusco / Machu Picchu Lima

04/28 The last city on my trip was Lima, the capitol of Peru. Gabriela, the girl I met in the Atacama desert in Bolivia had invited me to her house. Thank you again Gabriela! So I used the remaining 3 days, I had until my plane leaves for Frankfurt, to do some sight seeing.

04/29 One of the biggest parks in Lima gave me a very colorful welcome.

04/27 Lima! I reached a big city again. And big cities are always very international. Nice plane, maybe the painter did not read the color section of the Lufthansa corporate branding guidelines.

04/29 Inca Kola - Disfrutar!

05/02 The very last photo. I am at home in Frankfurt.

Next adventure will be the trip at the river Vltava (German Moldau) though the Czech Republic in June 2002...

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