Carretera Austral Part 1 Part 2

On the Carretera Austral, it is easy to refill our water depots. Normally, we just drink it from the brook. Here is the safer option: We are filtering it, when animals like cows are close.

I love the sun.

Quite neat, cycling with this view,

In the section People we met, you see Jeff. This picture indicate his handicraft skills. This tire lasts now for more than 1000 km.

The little village Puyuhapi in the morning fog. At this day, we did not got up so early, because, we had this bar-b-q and some red wine the night before.

Continuing to ride the...

The old name of the road, Carretera Austral General Augusto Pinochet seen at the pueblo of la Junta. We wondered, why people did not remove or over painte this big sign.

Sorry, no sound for this picture, Otherwise, you will hear me singing ...If you are going to San Francisco.... Maybe it is better this way ;-)

Going down the hills on gravel roads is dangerous. My front wheel was blocked, so I fell of the bike, hurt my arm and leg a little, but most important, my helmet protected head crashed into the rocks. The protector broke, but my head was save! After 20 minutes of pause, I was able to continue.

40 km before we reached Santa Lucia, we relaxed at a nice restaurant.

Some Chilean guys driving the Carretera. Give them a good song, a dance trainer and some airtime on MTV and a new boy group will be born.

Yves is fighting to climb up the pass.

By chance, when looking around, I discovered a sign near the road, indicating a mineral source. After a five minutes walk though the dense jungle, I found the well. The water was cold and tastes marvelous.

Largo Yelcho

My naked bike plus all the gear I have to put on it every morning.

Some people like to live in strange flats.

Yeah! Start of the pavement. At least the last 10 km to Chaiten are paved.

Chiloe Island

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