Carretera Austral Part 1 Part 2

Our way on the Carretera Austral: 

Shortly after we started in Puerto Ibanez, we saw these farmers, transporting some wood on the road.

The crushed stones road up to the Carretera Austral was one of the worst we had been on. On top of this, people trying to improve the street by refining the stones. This helps, but only for cars. For us, sand-like roads are not really the preferred surface.

These serpentines lead up to the 1120 m pass.

Me climbing up the hill. On my tour to Budapest, you can see a simular foto. But without the beard.

On the Carretera Austral it's quite easy to find fresh water. Just get of the road and refill the bottles at one of the creeks.

Cowboys we saw near Coyhaique.

Me updating the webpage in Coyhaique. We wondered about the fast Internet connection in the small town of Coyhaique. After we saw this Antennas, we knew why.

After we reached Coyhaique, we decided to settle down and build our own business, using our cycling skills. Here you see me serving our first client with some potatos. Good-bye Consulting...

As real work seemed not to be the right thing, we looked out for something else: How about making photos from the girlfriends bicycle?

Again, this does not compute! So back on the real roads: "Caution - road surface is in bad condition". As if our body hasn't felt this already.

Landscape had changed dramatically since we left the pampa.

Fence near, but 5 m above our way.

The two cyclists at late afternoon.

Fortunately, we had not to cross the river at this point.

In Villa Manihuales: This was the worst bivouac we had so far. You are lucky, that the smell is not been catched on this photo. I did not use any of the bedding. After this night, I have to bring my sleeping bag to dry-cleaning.

This is one of my favorite mountains on the way. It reminds me of the one from Paramount pictures.

My Ortliebes got their next problem. But I found another short-time solution.

Carretera Austral Part 2