Chiloe Isle

Chiloe Island and up to Puerto Montt: 

02/22 On the Catamaran that brought us to Chiloe, crossing the pacific (partly).

02/22 The old wooden church of Castro

02/23 Old houses at the steep rise. We had to push our bikes uphill.

02/23 Finally, we found a nice Hospedaje, but unfortunately, we he had to share our apartment with four old ladies ;-)

02/23 Woman leaning out of the window at the harbor. It's like Lindenstrasse sometimes over here.

02/23 The typical romantic Chiloean houses are just standing on poles.

02/24 The typical houses on Chiloe
are covered by wooden tiles in
all colors. I caught here a couple
of different ones.

02/24 On a less sunny day near Achao on the other small island Quinchao.

02/25 Some more of these nice houses on poles.

02/25 In Ancud, we had a very nice dinner: Curanto, a mixture of fish, shells, potatoes, sausages and some other non-identifiable but very delicious ingredients.

02/26 Question: To which of the Florida keys lead this bridge? - Wrong question! We are still in Chile. This double-bridge leads from Ancud to Chacao!

02/26 Still on Ciloe Island, we see here , not only the houses near the see are build on poles.

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