Christchurch - Invercargill Invercargill - Nelson

03/12 Gravel again! On the road from Te Anau to Queenstown.

03/13 Some fords had to be crossed. Our feed had been quite wet afterwards.

03/13 An amazing landscape.

03/14 Queenstown is the noisy capitol of all types of funsport. But if you take some time to stroll around you may discover some nice places.

03/21 The West coast was as rainy as people told us before. As we approached Fox Glacier, the weather was just like that. Martin did not want to go to see the Glacier in fog and clouts. I convinced him, but when we reached the ice mass, the weather did not bring the big smile on his face (it did not bring it on my face either).

03/25 Another time, I had this severe tire problem. After using 5 back tires on the 15.000km Europe trip, I am quite clueless. If will try to keep the pressure at its maximum and hope for the best. Fortunately this had happen near Greymouth, with the first cycleshop after about 300km of Westcoast loneliness. And it had some 700er tires on stock (only for passing European tourists)!

03/27 The Pancakes near Punakaki.

03/29 Attention small animals may cross the way.

03/29 The first supermarket on the Westcoast. We may overdid it a little.

03/30 The valley of the Buller river bringing us away from the Westcoast.

04/03-06 The Abel Tasman National Park. We borrowed bagpacks and hit the track for a 4 day hike. See us walking, resting and standing on a big tree stump.

04/09 Martin is leaving me in Nelson.

04/11 Passion fruit, just from the bushed next to the street. Delicious!

04/11/ Picton: My last dinner on the South island really did not reflect how much I enjoyed it.

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