Wellington - Auckland

04/16 Caution, females crossing!

04/17,19,20 After the bad weather in February this year, not everything has been repaired.

04/21,22 Tongariro National Park with Mount Doom (from the Lord of the Rings).

04/24 Trying hole in one for $5000 at Lake Taupo.

04/25 A friendly reminder. Fortunately, I was used to drive on the wrong side of the road after so many km.

04/26 Help to keep NZ tidy!

04/26 Tons of tuna. Every kind of taste will be satisfied (as long as you like fish in cans).

05/0 The Coromandel Peninsula. It must be absolutely fabulous. As the weather was indifferent, I have another reason to come back to NZ.

05/06 Auckland sawn from Devonport. After 3500km, the journey was over. I liked New Zealand a lot, especially the people, who are as friendly as I have not seen anywhere else. Thank you!

05/02 The Sky Tower.

05/05 A typical gaming arcade in Auckland. Some people here must like computer games a lot.

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