Christchurch - Invercargill Invercargill - Nelson

02/06 The bags are packed. I am ready to leave Germany.

02/10 A couple a kilometer from the center of Christchurch heading south.

02/11 Martin, the guy I met on the plane from Germany climbing the small hills of Canterbury.

02/11 Ice cream - the famous one: Hokey Pokey in a village near Mount Somers.

02/13 On this trip, I exchanged my digital Camera with an analogue one. The pictures on this page are taken with the tiny Sony digital.

02/17 Lake Aviemore north-west of Oamaru.

02/22 Evan, this one is for you: This X-mite is for you, what Nutella is for the rest of us!

02/23 One of our neighbors tents after a stormy night.

02/23 The goal of every brewing guided tour is the beer testing. We visited Speight's The pride of the South Brewery.

02/26 Gravel roads plus up and downs...

02/27 A punction has harmed my beloved Schwalbe Marathon XR at Nugget Point.

02/29 According to the news on TV, the weather has not been so bad for the last 29 years.

02/29 Now I know where all these mails come from.

02/29 Martin is preparing lunch utilizing his MSR Whisperlight flame-thrower.

03/01 I do not know what this shall mean...

03/02 Bon appétit.

03/04 A bay on Stewart Island, where we hiked for three days.

03/06 We needed a lot of energy on this hike.

03/07 Two seagulls at Oban (Stewart Island) beach.

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