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 August, 8 - Norway on road no. 17: Jan Koelstra from Den Haag, Holland. Half the year, he is working as a legal computer-hacker for the Dutch government, the rest of the year, he cycles around, most of the time in Norway. His bike is from Koga Miata. He said, this is an important fact, because they give a lifetime guarantee on the frame, which has broken already three times. - I wondered, then he added: "The first time after 108.000 km"

August, 19 - near Namsos, Norway: Bruno Bucher (l) and Franz Lemann (r) from Bern, Switzerland cycling up to the North cape. They just recently celebrated their 4000th km.

August, 22 - Trondheim, Norway: Joel Buton uses his feet to travel. Stared in 1999 in Paris, France, he went through Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. So far, this added up to 19.000 km. His luggage weight 150 kg and he carries this by hand with his trolley. He needs all the luggage, because his nail beds are so heavy. His journey continues through Finland, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal till he reached La France again. From Paris, we will fly to Washington on this Mission: Peace.

October, 10 - near Parkmoore, Ireland: Ramona Christen from Oberdorf, Switzerland. Since the 10th of July, she is cycling from home all over Europe. For a couple of month she will stay here and broaden her English skills. And´s still open.

October, 12 - Lehinch, Ireland: Todd Dolk from Fort Francis, Australia, cycling around Ireland.

October, 14 - Ring of Kerry, Ireland: Arbel Xavier from Paris, France. He loves his scooter and cycles up - direction Scotland, a little bit depending on the weather, as he said.

October, 25 - France: This crazy Japanese guy cycles the Pan American highway from Alaska to Ushuaia including the Darian Gap, he crossed the Behring street with a kanu and a thousand other crazy things. Currently, he uses the force motors to explore the remaining rests of the world.

November, 07 - near Bordeaux, France: Brian Avery (l) and Alex Coughlin (r)from South Carolina, USA. They are on a trip through Europe: From Belgium to Gibraltar and back. We may see us again on our way...

November, 08 - Biarritz, France: Andre Nicolas is on his way from Santiago de Compostela in Spain, home to St. Malo in Brittany, France.

November, 29 - Lisbon, Portugal: Tobi and Lucas from Freiburg, Germany. I met them at the "Westkap" Cabo da Roca. We took a couple of drinks in Lisbon afterwards.

December, 13 - Gibraltar: After more then a month since I met the last pedalists, these two Canadians Mary and Scott Grigsby-Lehmann, on their 5 weeks tour through France and Spain, crossed my way on the streets of Gibraltar. They are bike-travel experienced guys too.

December, 17 - Malaga, Spain: Jan Sändig is riding his bike in the name of peace around Europe. His bicycle has seen 10000km in the last 5 month. Like me, he started in Wiesbaden, Germany, but three month later. Jan's next destination is Morocco. Good luck and see you back home...

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