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 May, 20 - Leba, Poland: Helmut Bergmann (l.) and Claus Ehrich (r.) from Hamburg, Germany. They are the first cyclists we met on the trip. They are traveling from Ahlbeck to Masuren, this is their yearly bike-trip.

 May, 24 - Gdansk, Poland: Frank Lochschmidt (l) and Gregor Schoenebeck (r) from Dresden, Germany. They are on a round trip trough Poland.

May, 29 - Ukta, Poland: Monika Schweiger & Nils Moormann from Aschau, Germany. Two globetrotter on their Poland trip on recumbent bicycles. They love to cycle and have been to Tasmania, New Zealand, South America, Ireland... We had a great cold Tyskie beer and talked about Jeff on bike, a guy from Germany we both met in South America (See people we met page in the South America Tour 2002 section here on my site).

May, 30 - Mikolajki, Poland: This couple is a very similar trip to ours. Katja Gagnon and Nicolas Gagnon. They are living in Berlin, She is German, he is Canadian. They met each other in Istanbul, Turkey. And they are on their way to the Nordkapp (+ more...)

June, 10 - Riga, Latvia: I met these two cyclists: Paul Watabe (l.) and Al Briggs (r). They met each other on their single bike trips. Paul took 4 month off and cycles form Scotland, where he lives, all over northern Europe to St. Petersburg (webpage : Al has taken a whole year off. He must be crazy, as he started from home near London just heading east over Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, the Baltic states to Russia. And Russia and Russia and... Until he reaches Mongolia and then China. Later, he has an appointment in Las Vegas. His webpage is

June, 12 - Sigulda, Latvia: Two experienced cyclists from Kiel, Germany. This is Ute and Norbert Hantke. They are the second time in the Baltic states, enjoying the rich nature.

June, 15 - quite after the Border from Latvia, Estonia: The motorcyclist Peer from Dresden, Germany. He took the ferryboat from Rostock to Tallinn. 63 bikes to Helsinki, one motorbike to Tallinn, the sign at the harbour said. So he is not on an every day adventure.

June, 16 - Pärnu, Estonia: Mike Griffiths from High Wycombe, England. Mike uses 7 weeks to do a big bike trip. He heads up to the North Cape and then again back down through Norway.

June, 26 - Russia: Helmut Born from Wiesbaden-Kloppenheim, Germany. He is traveling home from Kirkenes.

July, 01 - Helsinki, Finland: Elli and Fritz from Rosenheim, Germany using their time to cycle in Scandinavia and the Baltic states.

July, 08 - Lake district, Finland: Sam Turley (l) and Emma Clark (r) from Eastbourne, England. These though girls cycled from England to Sweden, Norway, up to the North cape and are now on their way back through Finland. Good luck and keep on smiling.

July, 12 - Lake district, Finland: Christoph Bader from Germany coming down from the North cape.

July, 15 - Lake district, Finland: Antje Kreisel from Germany is visiting Lapland this time, she does know the other parts of Norway quite well.

July, 12 - Lake district, Finland: Hans Marzinek from Berlin, Germany. I met him three times and we had very good times together. He is travelling on four wheels in his Audi 80.

July, xx - Finland, near the border to Norway: Lukasc (left), Lukasc (middle) and Monika from Poland, who are travelling at a very fast speed from Warsaw, Poland to the North cape.

July, 18 - at the border of Finland and Norway: Peder Jongejan from Netherlands travelling with a lot of gear in Scandinavia.

July, 19 - Lakselv, Norway: Jan David (l) and Son N. Bui (r) from Denmark. We travelled for over a week together and celebrated at the North cape. It was a great pleasure to have this company. They travelled through Sweden, Finland and Norway up to the North cape and then to Tromsø, where they went home.

July, 20 - near the isle Repvåg, Norway: Martin Nagy from Slovakia, where he started his trip to the North cape.

July, 22 - North cape: Alex Dietze from Flensburg, Germany. Another guy, who stared in his hometown to reach the most northern point of Europe.

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