Ireland Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland


09/29Belfast is an interesting city, with very different faces.

10/01 Replacing the gear rim at lunch break.

10/01 In a small village at the Irish sea coast.

10/01 Sunset about 70 km north of Belfast.

10/02Lucky again...

10/02My companion driving through the winding roads.

10/02At the north coast. Hope the cows are free from giddiness.

10/02At the famous Giants Causeway. Over 38000 hexagons build by eruption of liquid stones long time ago.

10/03 Whiskey testing at the wourld oldest licensed Whiskey Distillery at Bushmill.

10/03 At this day we had a nice game of golf at the coast. It was quite windy as you can see.

10/03 Folk music at a nice pub with a couple of nice Guinness.

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