09/11 Somewhere on the Shetland Islands...

09/11 ...With the famous Shetland ponies.

09/12Farewell for brave Martin , who rode about 3 weeks though the rain and up all the steep hills with me.

09/13The next group of Islands south are the Orkneys. They are slightly different to the Shetlands, at least I saw a couple of trees (I saw none on the Shetlands).

09/23Fort Augustus in Scotland, on the south cost of Loch Ness.

09/23The Abby of Fort Augustus

09/23Took a challenging moutain bike trail, marked as dangerous and only for hardcore mountain bikers...

09/23...I was rewarded by this beautiful view of Loch Lochy.

09/26A colorful pub in Oban. I tried the local brew and had to say, it is not too bad.

09/27A standing stone on the glen at Kilmartin (just one L!).

09/28The Isle of Arran distillery. The youngest one in Scotland.

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