Ireland Northern Ireland Republic of Ireland

10/11The sign at the youth hostel in Parkmoore (in Irish language).

10/10 ...

10/11The rough area of the Burren in County Clare.

10/11 Folk music in a pub in Doolin (Where the Kelly family once have played).

10/12 O´Brien´s Tower on the Cliffs of Moher.

10/12 The only big problem I have on this tour are my back tires. Look at this one, doesn´t look to good - ehh?

10/13 Morning mood. It is wonderful to see the nature wake up, when I had managed to do so before.

10/14 An old man from Kerry showing me the way.

10/14 At the highest point of the famous Ring of Kerry.

10/15 It was a very wet early morning. At least this weather rewarded me with vivid colours.

10/15 Another hill to climb in the fog.

10/EE A nice little town and a pleasant stout.

10/17 The last view of Cork, I had from the ferryboat leaving the lovely country of Ireland.

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