Finland I II III

07/02 The ski-jump in Lahti.

07/03 It was not always sunny...

07/04 Entering the lake district in Finland. It was as beautiful as I thought.

07/04 This must be another way to consume milk. Could someone please help me, I have not figured out, how to drink this way ;-)

07/04 The result from my shopping trip for lunch.

07/04 Looking straight down from a bridge.

07/04 Wild strawberries from the side of the road help a hungry cyclist to survive.

07/04 The more northern I came, the less darkness I had in the night. Here you see the temperature in my tend at 10pm.

07/05 In Savonlinna, I was very lucky to obtain one of the rare tickets for the annual opera festival. They show "Der fliegende Hollaender". I got the ticket from a Finnish man, whose woman was not able to attend the performance. He invited me to stay the night at his cottage.

07/06 At this very hot day, I was looking forward to eat the water melon, I had bought before. But - as I tried to access the bag - it was gone - it must have falling down on the street. Belive me, this was bad karma this day!

07/07 One of my typical camping sites in Finland. I asked the people, if I could put my up tend on their ground. They always allowed it and often I was even invited to eat with them. Thank you!

07/08 All over the land, you find different methods to try the hay.

07/11 Another bike. A little heavy, but I do not need a stand anymore.

07/11 Finland may not have the highest mountains, bit a lot of them.

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