Finland I II III

07/12 The first reindeer I have seen.

07/12 Quit people installed in 1994 by artist Rejo Kela.

07/12 The 5.000 km celebration!

07/12 On my way...

07/12 Another reindeer crossed my way.

07/13 This unguent helps against a sore backside...

07/12 It was raining again.

07/13 Exhausted

07/13 The new bicycle stand broke. It took this model two times to break, the old model lasted over 15.000 km.

07/13 Flowers in the evening sun near my camping ground.

07/13 I ate a lot of spaghetti to get power into the legs.

07/14 Hooray! I crossed the Napapiiri (arctic cycle).

07/14 Two impressions from the place, I slept this night.

07/18 On my last km in Finland, approaching the next country: Norway.

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