Finland I II III

Finland will be a large country for a bike ride. Coming from Russia, I ride to Helsinki and then up North-East into the Lake Region where the Mosquitos are awaiting me. Further North, I have to cross Lapland in order to reach Norway.

06/27 Welcome back to the European community. Hei, Terve Suomi!

06/27 Our first sunset in Finland!

06/29 Salt houses in Porvoo,the second oldest town of Finland.

06/29 After 4000 km, I reached Helsinki. The Celebration of another K took place at the bridge, when entering the town from the east.

06/29 The Russian Orthodox Uspensi Cathedral at the harbour.

06/30 After it served me so good, I treat it a new chain, back tire and new break pads.

07/01 Green Helsinki.

07/01 The famous Tuomiokirkko on Senate Square & the view from there beyond the houses to the nearby harbour.

07/01 Mahlzeit! I took my dainty Lunch at the University of Helsinki.

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