Russia will be the most eastern country on our journey.

06/22 After 52 days, we reached the border to Russia, the unknown land in the East.

06/22 The churches looking different here.

06/22 The first night in Russia "Hotel". Paying attention to the health of the observer, I am not posting the pictures of the facilities

06/23 About 15 km from the city of St. Petersburg, it's still idyllic.

06/23 Another victory, we reached the far eastern city.

06/23 There is so much to see, the cameras are most of the time in the air.

06/23 Our hostel, near the main places is a flat in an old house. No sign is visible from the outside, good, that we had the small flyer from the hostel in Tallinn, that gave us the address (House 36, Flat 34, ultisa Labutina).

06/23 This is how I had Russia in my mind. This cathedral is build in the old Russian style, where most of the other buildings in St. Petersburg are build in classicistic style. Anyway we were very impressed.

06/23 The hermitage with the Statue of Alexander through the Admiralty

06/24 The bridges open in the middle of the night, to let ships pass and tourists take their pictures.

06/24 The white nights of St. Petersburg. The sun sets for only about 2 hours. And even in this time it does not become real dark outside.

06/25 Art Deco in the train station Witebsk.

06/25 Mix of new and the old.

06/26 Colorful fruits.

06/26 Lots og curves.

06/27 Ahh, good to know...

06/25 The last church in Russia. About 5 km to the border.

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