We entered Lithuania from the south. We had to take this route, because of visa limitations for Kaliningrad, Russia. This will be the first of the three very different Baltic states, we are visiting. 

06/01 Short before the border to Lithuania we were happy to bypass the truck tailback. Poor truck-drivers had another 18 km to the border.

06/01 Yes! We are in Lithuania.

06/01 In Marijampole, we made the 2000 km mark.

06/01 And it was is Marijampole,where we had the great luck to watch the 95th anniversary of the town, celebrated with a lot of singing and traditional dancing. It was overwhelmingly.

06/01 Many of the farms are so small,that it does not pay of to buy big and expensive machinery. So a lot of work is been done manually or with the help of horses.

06/01 Very stylish bus stop.

06/01 We camped near a farm, enjoying and catching the beautiful sunset.

06/02 Next morning, we were invited to have breakfast with our nice host. Thank you!

06/02 A typical store in Lithuania. Pay attention to the calculator at the counter. We saw this quite often. The people are using these traditional machines as a matter of course, and they are as fast as some else with a an electronic calculator.

06/02 The roads are really wide and straight.This may be effective, even for us cyclists, but it really bores you after a while. I wonder how the roads will be in Latvia.

06/03 Camping within the city limits of Klaideda in a field of dandelion.

06/04 Leaving Klaideda.

06/04 In Palanga, we searched about 3 hours for a place to sleep. The youth hostel wasn't at the described in the guide and most of the campgrounds are closed at this time of the year. So, while searching, we stopped and had a small lunch near the Baltic sea.
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