Poland West Oberlandkanal Masuren

05/27 Finally,we reached Masuren. It welcomed us with one of its specialities: A calm nice lake. I can't hold back and had to jump right into it. It was very fresh!

05/28, 31 Next day, we continued our journey. Masuren is offering a lot of nature wonders to discover. One of these are the many storks, on nearly every mast or roof. The right picture shows wavily landscape,caused by the last ice age.

05/28 A good pathfinder can interpret the signs when he is out in the nature. This one tells you, that you are near a mid-size town. ;-)

05/28 In Gitany, I took the chance to play the 100 years old organ, after chiming the church bells the very old style, hanging at a rope. The very friendly priest showed me his whole church.

05/29 In Mikolajki, we met some other Nordkapp cyclists (See people we met page). After a good dinner, we had a beer at the waterside.

05/31 After one day rest, we are on the road again.

05/31 The guy races his horse-drawn vehicle like hell.

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