Poland West Oberlandkanal Masuren

From Elbag to Maldyty, we took the Oberlandkanal, a contruction, that has been build by a German engineer in the last century. It helps ships to overcome 100 meters of altitude difference, and this in both direction! See the schematic diagram on the right:

05/27 The ship is approaching one of the five lifting-stations.

05/27 This is how it looks from above

05/27 We are docking into the docking-station

05/27 The machines are staring to work.

05/27 Going up.

05/27 We reached the next stage!

05/27 Continuing the journey...

05/27 ... watch the river and the nature.

05/27 Unfortunately the weather was becoming bad. At least it was a good motive for a photo.

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