Poland West Oberlandkanal Masuren

This is the route thru Poland so far. The first half of the trip, we drove near the baltic see. In Gdansk, we change into the middle of the country, where the area of Masuren is awaiting us with it's adventures. 

05/16 The border to Poland!

05/16 We camped at this special viewpoint and saw this overwhelming sunset.

05/18,19 Two times different types of food. The left picture show us testing the American way of life in Poland. The right one my daily breakfast.

05/19 In the morning, after a rainy night our roads look like this.

05/21 Stepping up the big dune near Leba.

05/21 Rape-seed, as far as the eye could reach. We have seen rape-seed next to the roads since we started in Germany.

05/22 From Hel, we took the ferry over to Gdansk. It was a quite narrow way onto the ship. On board, we were felt totally secure.

05/22 Some impressions from the beautiful city of Gdansk. The last one shows me in front off an advertisement for foodstuff, I am addicted to since we entered Poland.

05/26 Impressions from Elblag (new and old)

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