Our route thru our home country. Klaus started in in Frankfurt/Main, Maik in Zwickau. We met in Weimar. It let us along the river Ilm, Saale, we crossed the Elbe river and hit Berlin. Northwards into the Mecklenburger Seenplatte . The last pice of Germany, we saw in the ile Usedom. 

Klaus sitting in the empty flat, after all funitures has been moved.
In a minute, he is handing over the key to the landloard.

Starting in Wiesbaden at home

A last view over the skyline of Frankfurt,where I send so much time over the last couple of years. Good bye.

Andreas escorted me for the first three days.

In a small village at the foot of the Rhön

The Rhön. It was quite could on the peak...

The former border between East- and West-Germany.


The comunist ideologists are still part of the country

Me, shortly before I reached Weimar.

Could be the motto of our tour...

05/07 Colors...

05/08 Signs left over from the red army

05/09 Sans Souci in Potsdam

05/10 Berlin Reichstag

05/11 Here we cross the Brandenburger Tor. A milestone for us.

05/12 Everyone travels his way...

05/13 The Mecklenburger Seenplatte. Camping near the Müritz.

05/14 What an evening. A farmer allowed us to build up our tents on his ground.

05/15 The 1000 km mark must be celebrated!

05/16 We reached the baltic sea at Anklam

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