We entered Latvia on the very south-western end. On a very lonely road with the first store after about 40km, we were heading north and then east, direction Riga. As the road conditions are not so brilliant on the side roads, we mostly used the main one. After Riga we head north into Estonia.

06/06 The Latvian border!

06/06 As the sun set, we feel good. Knowing, all the way we've done today and looking foreward for dinner.

06/06 An evening mood.

06/07 Near Kuldiga, about half a kilometer next to the main road, one can find a little wooden castle. It reminds me to the Palais Ideale, south of Lyon in France. Someone with a lot of fantasy took his time and build a caste like in a fairy tale. It's completely made out of wood without the use of any nails. I wonder how long it will stand the pressure of families visiting it. If you are curious enough and browse a little bit around, you find a wild fantasy garden and a little execrated lake with swans and other figures out of some old fables.

06/07 These roads remind me of my last trip in South America. (Yves, do you remember?)

06/07 At this day, we saw other cyclists near the road. It was a cross racing park. Maik had to test it. I did not took his time, but he was quite good.

06/08 A good russian soup helped us to refill our tanks.

06/08 We made it to Riga, see some pictures of the town below.

06/08 This is my new kettle. I bought it at the outdoor shop which allowed us to camp in their garden. I just love this little kettle. It enables me to cook the cup of coffee, I need in the morning to come up to speed.

06/08,10 We took off three days to visit the old town of Riga. I fancy art nouveau and so there was a lot for me to see. Riga and Gdansk are my so far favourite cities on this tour. Take a look and decide for yourself.

06/13 Coffee cooking experience...

06/14 erratic block from the ice age.

06/13 Good bye Latvia, we had a good time here.

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