Argentina & Chile: South Patagonia

The route:

01/10 Mount Fitz Roy

01/13 Somewhere under the rainbow ...

01/ Amarillo

01/ El viento ...

01/13 Abandoned house. A great accommodation. With an own cyclist register on one of the walls. Located exact 100km North of El Calafate.

01/14 Guanaco

01/16 Perito Moreno Glacier

01/17,18 The endless roads of Patagonia

01/18 Gas station of Tapi Aike. Has coffee, some snacks and sometimes petrol. On the other side of the street is a police station where cyclists often camp.

01/19 This stunk didn't wanted conversation...

01/19 Everywhere are these red shrines for Gauchito Gil, an argentine popular hero with the reputation of a Robin Hood figure, for his efforts to protect and help the needy

01/21 'Amores de Viento'. Puerto Natales

01/24 Responsible for that: El amigo viento!

01/25 Typical Chilean bus stop in the South of Patagonia.

01/25 Another Gauchito

01/26 Punta Arenas, the most Southern town of Chile.

01/29 The ferryboat to Tierra del Fuego!

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