Chile: Carretera Austral

The route on the Carretera Austral:

12/17 The way to FutaleufĂș gave me the last 10 km of asphalt for days

12/19 Finally, I hit the Carretera Austral!

12/19 La Junta. A sign from the past...

12/20 Casa Ludwig, a fine Hostal in Puyuhuapi

12/22 Kingfisher close to Puyuhuapi

12/22 Close to Villa Amengual

12/24 Coyhaique.

12/27 My left knee is giving me a hard time.

12/27 Looking down from the highest point of the Carretera Austral

12/30 Cerro Castillo

12/31 My place for New Year's Eve. I celebrated with two campers. We even saw 'Dinner for one'.

01/01 Catedral de Marmol in Puerto Rio Tranquilo

01/02 Lago General Carrera

01/02 At the campfire

01/03 Rio Baker

01/07 Prost!

01/06-07 The ferryboat, we used to cross the fjord. With a shelter house, that gave 7 bicyclists a place for the night

01/07 rainforest

01/09 the crossing between Villa O'Higgins and El Chaltén is really tough. 22km of pure adventure.

01/10 You are never alone on the Carretera... The ferryboat for Lago Desierto.

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