Chile & Argentina: Tierra del Fuego

The route:

01/29 Dolphins on the passage via the Magellan street

01/29 On Tierra del Fuego

01/30 Another tree to make a bow for the wind. Tailwind for me ;-) !!!

01/31 The last beer?

02/01 The first sign of the final destination Ushuaia. What a feeling!

02/02 Having a big piece of cake in Rio Grande.

02/04 On the final road South.

02/04 Rotel-Bus from Germany. The front bus is for traveling. The trailer contains the sleeping-boxes. One window per person.

02/04 Tolhuin, the last village before Ushuaia.

02/04 La Union, the famous bakery in Tolhuin. The owner has the big heart for bicycle tourists. In the back is a dedicated room for cyclists. The walls are full of entries from people from all over the world.

02/06 On top of the very last pass.

02/06 I was looking for this sign the 20 month.

02/09 Ushuaia harbour

02/07 Champagne ! The very end of the road!

02/12 Back home in Germany! My friends and family are picking me up from the Airport Frankfurt.

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