Peru B : Lima to Titicaca

07/30 On the pacific coast from Lima, going South.

08/02 Oasis Laguna Huacachina, close to Ica.

08/05 Nazca - Even so, the German Website of the foreign ministry has some warnings, we climbed a plane and watched the famous Nazca-Lines

08/06 From Nazca - there is only one direction: Up

08/07 Vincuñas

08/08 Children by the street

08/10 Hairpin curve. I am traveling alone now, as my faithful partner for the last 9 month, Berthold, need to speed things up a little and take some buses.

08/10 At about 4200m, we found this restaurant. The owner allowed us to sleep on the floor after the last guest had been gone.

08/11 Lamas at 4500m

08/12 The terrain is undulating - up and down (here fortunately the latter)

08/12 Incredible stone-formations, a little hidden, but not far away from the road.

08/12 On the roof of the local houses.

08/15 in Abancay: Another beer.

08/15 I made it to the top - it's so rewarding to see snow-capped mountains.

08/15 Local farmer

08/17 It was pretty late and I camped next to a house.

08/17 Finally, I reached Cusco - the former Inca capital

08/18 A visit to famous Machu Picchu

08/21 I caught an intensive Bronchitis and where bound to bed for nearly 2 weeks. My German doctor prescribed me the needed medicine.

08/29 The Estrellita. The house where all the long-term bicyclist meet in Cusco

09/02 Raqchi. Very impressive Inca ruins

09/03 Just over this pass and I am at the Altiplano

09/03 Bullfight is nothing I like - at least, they did not kill the creatures (while I was there ...)

09/04 Altiplano

09/08 Lago Titicaca

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