The route through Bolivia:

09/09 Made it to Bolivia. Contry number fourteen on this trip.

09/08 View from my luxurious hotel balcony at Copacabana

09/11 Lago Titicaca

09/11 A family, I met a the shore of the lake.

09/12,13 La Paz !

09/17 Che is everywhere

09/17 My second birthday on this tour.

09/20 In a pueblo on the way.

09/21 My first flat tire in South America.

09/21 Beer Nr. 22 on the way to Oruro.

09/23 In the SOS Children's Village (SOS-Kinderdorf) in Oruro

09/25 From now on, the pavement had an end...

09/26 The roads were so bad, I sometimes used the railway track

09/26 The village schoolhouse of Huancanami. I told the kids about my tour and where I am from.

09/26 Lamas on the road

09/28 Klaus riding the Salar de Uyuni

09/28 In the middle of the Salar is an island, called Incahuasi. With a refugio only for bicyclists.

09/29 In Colcha K, on the South side of the Salar, the lady of the little alojamiento, I stayed in, did the full service approach and washed und fixed my clothes.

09/30 The last stop before the Laguna route is San Juan. This is the last possibility to restock food for the 10 days trip in the middle of nowhere.

10/01 A part of what would feed me for these days.

10/03 The "road" ...

10/02 ... and the Klaus - happy to push the bicycle for hours uphill - in the teeth of the wind - through the sand at over 4000m

10/04 The nights where could here: -18 Celsius. Woe is me - not having the water next to the body in my sleeping bag!

10/04 Laguna CaƱapa compensated for the pain.

10/05 The roads didn't get any better...

10/05 Laguna Hedionda

10/06 Arbol de Piedra (Baum aus Stein)

10/07 no comment

10/08 my campsite at 4920m next to a geyser and an ice field (at night -20 C)

10/08 But then at Laguna Chalviri: A hot bath :-D

10/09 The last kilometers of the Laguna route where just breath-taking. This route is brutal - but incredible beautiful. (Easy to say afterwards ... ;-)

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