Peru A : The North to Lima

The route through Peru:

06/25 At the border to Peru with the according flag. No wind - so for now - no nice vertical red-white-red here.

07/25 Taxis here in Peru. Lots of them.

06/26 On the Panam!

06/27 Riding out of the towns - garbage everywhere :-(

06/27 The Desierto de Sechura. 200km to cross. At the cost of Peru, the wind blows from the South. No trees or mountains here means that the wind bowed directly from the front... But it is all asphalt.

06/27 Nr. 19! Nothing beats a warm beer in the desert ;-)

06/28 After a quiet night, wild donkeys surrounded our camping spot in the dessert.

06/29 In a typical the shop aside the road.

06/29,30We hit the Pacific coast again in the town of Pacasmayo. Sun, beach and a nice Hotel - lovely!

07/01 WARNING: It's about 100km from Pacasmayo to Trujillo. No mountains. A distance for a day on the bicycle. But it is not that easy. The obstacle is a Village named Paiján. The place is very well known by the Panam cyclists, as a lot of travelers on bicycle have been robbed in the dessert around the town. You can take the chance and ride into the town and approach the police which will escort you (to the next village or only to the end of Paiján - I heard different stories). As we had enough from the attack in Mexico, we decided for the other option and take the bus from Pacasmayo to Trujillo.

07/03 At the 'Casa de ciclista' in Trujillo. Luchu is passionate bicyclist and mechanic. He decided about 20 years ago to host other people who travel the world on a bicycle. Since then, the 'casa de ciclista' is an institution most of the Panamerican riders visit. Lucho welcomes everybody with "mi casa is tu casa" (my house is your house). Some stay for a day, a week or a year. We met a couple of other riders there (see people I met section). We lived, ate and repaired the bikes here - with the help of Lucho, who is a great mechanic. Webpage: Casa de ciclista Trujillo

07/07 Lucho and me with one of the many guestbooks. I am guest number 1854.

07/03 Lunch together with all the bicyclists and Luchos family.

07/03 A small piece of home. Worscht!

07/08 A sugar cane transporter on the Panam.

07/14,15 Heading to the Cañón de Pato, the "Entenschlucht"

07/20 Close to Huaraz

07/20-21 Camping for the first time on an altitude of more then 4000m. With -5 degrees Celsius at night.

07/22 Cordillera Blanca

07/22 Downhill from 4000 to 0

07/25 The fog on the Pacific coast of Peru.

07/25 Prost!

07/27,28 Shopping and dancing at Limas malls.

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