The route through Ecuador:

05/18 Happily made it to Ecuador.

05/18 Monumento del bicicletistas.

05/18 Breathtakingly landscape while downhilling 2000m to Ambuqui.

05/18 Local food (that we did not try)

05/19 Preparation for the Champions League final in London.

05/20 The Equator !!!

05/21 Into the capital of Quito.

05/28 The Cotopaxi

05/29 Beer #18 and 365 days on tour.

05/29 Colourful houses of Ambato

06/01 Market in Riobamba

06/01 The nightly view of volcano Chimborazo over the roofs of Riobamba. I had to sneak on the roof of a nearby hotel, as the town covered the view.

06/02 Beautiful high plateau between Riobamba and Alausi

06/02 This landscape reminded me a little on Denali NP in Alaska, just 3000m higher.

06/02-04 Approaching the town of Alausi.

06/06 Open landscape.

06/06 Should I change means of transportation ???

06/07 Cuenca is a beautiful town. After the last days of heavy climbing in sun and rain, we will have some rest days here our great Hostel La Confradía del Monje (brotherhood of the monks). Below is the view from our window.

06/15 Ecuadorian Cowgirl

06/16 Berthold and me on an early morning start.

06/20 Not an easy landing in Catamayo in the Andes above 2000m.

06/21 Typical means of transportation in Ecuador.

06/22 The climbs may be hard, but it is great fun to ride on a ridge high above the landscape.

06/23 The viewpoint from the village of Catacocha gives us a feeling for what to expect the next day: a lot of downhill. We are just 90 km away from the Peruvian border.
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