The route through Colombia:

04/10 On the way to mainland

04/10 South America ! Finally, the 5 days on the sailboat from Panama were over. I did not have much in my stomach (all donated to the fishes). I felt dizzy for the next couple of days.

04/10 Cartagena. A lot of heat, but a great old town.

04/12 And we even found a Mac store where the iPad Mini was just too cheap (about 15% less then in the US or in Europe) ... And obviously, Berthold liked the store and the gadget too...

04/16 On the way deeper into Colombia.

04/16 This is one of the typical houses on the side of the road.

04/17 The Columbians are very friendly and interested in bicycling.

04/18 Fruits everywhere.

04/20 Utilize the space.

04/22 Colours.

04/22The main streets in Colombia are good protected.
No comparison to Mexico, but we feel very safe so far.

04/22 View of Valdivia.

04/23 Another Google Maps car.

04/25 The landscape is just incredible. Reminds me of Switzerland

04/25 The streets of Yarumal

04/26 Wear and tear form the last couple of thousand km

04/26 1000m Downhill close to Medellin

04/26 Bad weather ahead!

04/27 View of Medellin

05/02 Vale de Cauca.

05/02 Fighting the way up on bad roads.

05/02 From far, we see a tree full of white stuff.

05/02 More close, hundreds of these birds dissolved out of the white.

05/02 Overtaking alla "Einer geht noch".

05/03 Hitchhiking the Colombian way

05/03 In the valley of coffee

05/03 We met these two pretty Colombian cyclists!

05/04 Beer number 17 somewhere between Medellin and Cali.

05/04 View on Buga, where we spent one night.

05/04 Vibrant Cali.

05/09 The last couple of days, it rained from time to time, on the way to Popayan a lot.

05/10 Playing billiard in Popayan.

05/11 Still hilly.

05/11 People use every seat available

05/13 We shared the road with this viper.

05/16 Morning has broken.

05/17 We made a rest day in Ipiales to visit the nearby Las Lajas Sanctuary.

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