The route through Panama:

03/24 At the border of the last county in Central America

03/26 People are trading lottery tickets everywhere

03/27 Roadside clothes shop

03/27 Having a break

03/28 People in front of a small shop

03/28 We often had strong winds. Fires, that people start everywhere, sprawled.

03/28 No fun to cycle through.

03/31 The Panama Canal!

03/31 Skyline of Panama City.

03/31 View from the rooftop of our hostel Panamericana.

03/31 It's raining

03/31 Nice dogs. Despite our fears, we do not have any bad attack by street dogs now...

04/03 A ship passing the locks of the Panama Canal

04/03 Beer number 16.

04/03 The Caribbean. In one day, we crossed America by bicycle from West-coast to East-coast.

04/04 Boarding our ship to Colombia.

04/05 Out sailboat, the 47 feed Mintaka. Under German flag!

04/05 Pirates of the Caribbean!

04/06 We stopped at the San Blas islands, to snorkel in the reefs.

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