Costa Rica

The route through Costa Rica:

03/17 Country # 9: Costa Rica!

03/17 This friendly man gave us delicious mango fruits.

03/17 Children playing late at the main plaza in Liberia

03/18 After 9 and a half month: Beer # 15!

03/18 A quite strange drink. I tend to try everything that's on the menue.

03/18 Carne (meet) is king at night in the streets.

03/19 And at daytime: watermelon!

03/19 Beach late and at night.

03/20 crocodiles. Fortunately seen from the secure height of a bridge.

03/21 Food for the bicyclist!

03/21 The Schwalbe Marathon Mondial lasted over 15.000km. Very good!

03/21 Surfers on the paradise beaches of Costa Rica.

03/22 Having a coconut.

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