The route through Nicaragua:

03/07 Happy to had a good ride through Honduras, we are saying hello to Nicaragua. According to the German foreign ministry "Auswärtiges Amt", the country is the safest in Central America.

03/08 Everywhere are signs of the revolution.

03/08 Riding through rural Nicaragua with many nice encounters with the locals. We saw the beauty of the landscape, lively people, but as well a lot of poverty.

03/09 The first stop was Leon, the city of the Sandinistas. The museo de la revolution is very much worth a visit.

03/10 A gecko on the wall in our room.

03/11 Nicaraguan cowboys.

03/Augusto César Sandino is ubiquitous.

03/13 One of the greatest things en route in Central America are the fresh fruits that are offered everywhere next to the road.

03/13 Berlin is just everywhere. ...Heimweh...

03/14 Managua was a two-day stop with not much to see. But then, 50km later, we reached the great city of Granada at lake Nicaragua.

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