Mexico - B (Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco)

12/07,08 In Mazalán

12/08VW Käfer wherever you look

12/07 The new crown from Tijuana wasn't that good fixed. I needed another dentist appointment. She could fix the loose beast with glue, but mentioned that it may not last for the next year. At least the whole procedure cost only 12 Euros.

12/10 On the ferryboat to the Mexican mainland, we crossed the tropic cancer (nördlicher Wendekreis). So we are in the tropics now. Everywhere is green nature, no more dessert. The temperature is about 30-35 Celsius.

12/10 A monument dedicated to the bicycle on the Plaza major in Escuinapa.

12/17 Roadside animal

12/17 Kids in a small pueblo close to Mex15

12/19 Filling up the water supplies a the local water pump station.

12/20 From Alaska to the border of Mexico, I had one flat. Since then... about 15 ...

12/22 This is the stuff tequila is made from.

12/22 And this is the road to Tequila

12/24 Christmas with a Mexican family...

12/24 ...and with our Guadalajara host Elis

12/27 Guadalajara

12/30 The day, we left the big city, some roads were closed to motorized traffic - a welcome diversion from the busy streets.

12/31 Private transport.

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