Mexico - C (Michoacan, Mexico, Morelos, Puebla,Veracruz, Tabasco, Chiapas)

01/01 Starting the new year with a beer ;-)

01/03 somewhere close to Tecaho.

01/05 Morelia

01/07-09 Climbing to about 3.000m after Morelia.

01/09 Zitacuaro

01/09 A green friend at the window of our favorite roadside coffee place.

01/09 Rural

01/10 Toluca

01/10 Our room in the Hotel Colonial in Toluca

01/11 This was meant to be a shortcut. Turned out to be shorter, but way harder (need to push the bike a lot) ...

01/11 ...therefore, I have seen some other things.

01/11 Refresco: -fresh orange juice- everywhere - like!

01/11 Entering Cuernavaca

01/12 We camped in the garden of our warmshowers hosts: Mike and Jazmine Briggs.

01/11 Evening view over Cuernavaca

01/13 In Metecpec, we stayed in an old factory - now a huge Hotel complex. I took my bike to get from the lobby to our room.

01/14 Entering Puebla, where in 1964, Volkswagen has built their first Mexican factory. Today, the New Beatle, the Jetta and the Passat is been build here.

01/16 In Mexico, a lot of police is present on the streets. To us, they had been always very friendly.

01/16 The same day, I posed with the policeman, we could have needed them very badly. We have been attacked at the road that lead over this mountain between Palmarito Tochapan and Palmar de Bravo. Two guys on a motorcycle threatened us with firearms. Luckily, we escaped unharmed.

01/17 The day after in the very early morning: Cycling in the fog

01/19 Veracruz at the Golf of Mexico. People are dancing on the main plaza.

01/20 "Saftladen"

01/21 Having beer nr. 12 ...

01/21 On the roof of our hostel in Alvarado

01/22 Golf coast. The weather was not so good, but then - the temperature was better for cycling ;-)

01/22 Traffic in Mexico is very intense for a bicyclist...

01/22 bananas...

01/23 ...and tobacco -

01/23 - Tested!

01/24 Catemaco

01/30 Palenque - The Maya ruins.

02/02 Hmmm, Camarones (prawns).

02/06 Taking a lancha boat to the ruins of Yaxchilan at the river Usumacinta.

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