Mexico - A (Baja California)

The route in Mexico:

11/05 Entering Mexico via the Tijuana hub

11/05 I have now a 180 days visa is my passport

11/06 Fog at the Mexican coast.

11/06 Election day in the US. Celebrated with the cyclists Damien from Oz and Sabrina and Olivier, from Belgium.

11/06 Starbucks, version mexicano

11/07 View into the Baja California.

11/08 Beer number 9, brewed in northern Mexico

11/08 Damien, with whom I was riding in Mexico, suffered badly from bed bugs, he got at our last cheap hotel. I was lucky and didn't catch any.

11/10 Into the first little hills.

11/12 Camping in the cacti-fields and the first result in our shoes.

11/17 The thorns love our tires too...

11/18 A friend, who slept under my tent.

11/17 The vultures already waiting for us...

11/14 Watching Fussball (soccer) Germany vs. Netherlands in the middle of the dessert. With Berthold, Anita and Dirk.

11/18 More friends to come...

11/19 In San Ignacio we stayed a couple of days and attended la fiesta del Revolución Mexicana.

11/22 In the mountains around Volcón las tres virgenes

11/23 The oasis Mulegé

11/26 Bahia de conception

11/26 Another night in the cacti.

11/30 10.000 km just as we were approaching the Sierra Gigante.

11/30 The Corona helped (?) to ride the bike up the gigantic sierra.

12/02 More animals.

11/30 Ready to go !!!

12/04,06 Christmas decoration in La Paz.

12/04 Our hostel: pensión California.

12/06 La Paz.

12/06 We took the 16 hour overnight-ferry from la Paz to Mazatlán and slept on deck.

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