USA - California

The route in the USA - California:

10/02 Welcome to the tall but long state.

10/01 I was late seeing the 7.000+ km mark, so I had to have the beer at night at the campground. Not a bad place so.

10/03 They are wild, but pretty well accustomed to people.

10/05 After 12 days of constant pedaling, I felt, I deserved a room in a motel. Good time to do service. I had another broken spoke. The cogwheel then broke while removing the cassette.

10/06 Redwoods. Giant trees.

10/07 Coastline.

10/08 Roadside Flower Power

10/08 Mendocino. (Michael Holm. Haha. Watch that music video clip)

10/08 More coastline.

10/08 It got late...

10/08 ... and no place to sleep. A very friendly American offered me his shack.

10/08 ...Take a jumbo across the water, like to see America... : Breakfast in America

10/09 Staying on campgrounds with hiker/biker spots on the West Coast is a great thing. Only 5$ and always other cyclists around.

10/10 Fort Ross, the hub of the southernmost Russian settlements in North America between 1812 to 1842. Today, it is a museum.

10/11 THE bridge from the Sausalito side.

10/11 Have to climb these stairs to get onto the bridge.

10/11 Next destination indicated...

10/11 Steep streets of San Francisco (with Alcatraz in the background).

10/14 Haigh street

10/14 People relaxing and making music in the Golden Gate park

10/15 The way out of San Francisco

10/15 with a little help from Google Maps.

10/15 Cycling in Silicon Valley with all the great names: Stanford university,

10/15 the town of Apple

10/15 and the mothership itself.

10/15 So many internet company just fly by while I am making my way through the valley

10/16 More and more preparations for Halloween

10/17 Back on the cost for the beer

10/17 Camping out with some fellow bicyclists (all introduced at the people I met section)

10/17 Finally, the Big Sur

10/18 It is big, with big views and big up-und-downs...

10/19 sea elephants

10/19 First signs to the city of angels

10/21 Santa Barbara peer

10/22 A photos shooting next to the Naval Base close to Oxnard. Unfortunately, the models where not allowed to pose at my bicycle ;-)

10/23 Sun setting in bay-batch-country

10/23 Santa Monica peer

10/24 Great PEZ devices on sale at the local grocery shop

10/27 Being in LA, the boulevard was a must this time

10/27 The stars of my old 007 heroes

10/27 and stars from the present: angry birds

10/27 The Chinese Theatre is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tron

10/28 Heading south through Venice beach

10/29 The stretch from LA to San Diego is about 240km long, with very little options to stay overnight for reasonable price. There is only one hiker/biker campground at Dana Point. Resulting in two long days of riding. This is San Diego at night.

10/30 and at daytime.

10/31 I was having little problems with two of my teeth. From San Diego I took day trips over the Mexican border to a dentist in Tijuana which was recommended by a warm shower host back in San Jose. Two crowns need to be made. Everything went pretty good and I end up paying only a fragment of what it would have cost in the USA.

11/01 Getting the last parts of camping equipment at the last REI shop before crossing into Mexico. Actually, the REI is pretty far away from the town center. Tip: better get the last missing gear in LA where REI is just in the middle of Santa Monica.

11/02 hare rama hare rama, rama rama hare hare - hare krishna...

11/05 Good bye San Diego

11/05 ... and good bye America ;-) ...

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