USA - Oregon

The route in the USA - Oregon:

09/25 Oregon coast is rugged.

09/25 Nature took over. The big thing is a tree too.

09/25 Oregon is a bicycle friendly state. At the entrance of the tunnels are buttons that illuminates a blinking waring light for cars, giving you the time to pedal through it.

09/26 Only one tent in the morning fog.

09/26 This is just a great breakfast.

09/27 Only outperformed by the sandwiches Mallory made

09/28 Foggy Oregon coast

09/28 And then again very sunny and tons of sand (Bandon dunes)

09/ Good food ! Only in Oregon.

09/30 Into the sun. On the way to Cape Blanco.

09/30 Coast.

10/01 From above

10/02 Camping in the woods

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