Canada - Yukon

The route in Canada - Yukon:

07/06 Entering Canada - The Yukon.

07/07 First impression of the most western town of Canada: Beaver Creek.

07/09 Canada.

07/10 At the campground. The private ones do not close down when bears have been seen. They just warn.

07/11 Great day for cycling in Kluane National Park.

07/16 Rim (Felge) Marvic 917: Cracks after only 2.500 km ... needed to be changed in Whitehorse.

07/17 Whitehorse. At the Yukon brewery beer tasting.

07/18 It's pretty remote in the Yukon. Not many rest areas. So this is lunchtime at the side of the road.

07/19 Coffee with the Swiss guys Michael and Michelle. I met them nearly every day over a period of about one month.

07/22 Watson lake. Sign forest. This pictures shows only a fraction of the huge area with signs from all over the world.

07/24 Wild horses.

07/24 Wild bison - They are huge!!!

07/24 Time for another beer: 3.000 km.

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