USA - Alaska

The route in Alaska:

05/30 Anchorage - I am in the US, in Alaska - yes, but clearly in the US!

06/01 Just 30 km North of Anchorage, the Wild starts.

06/02 First Moose sign

06/03 Camping at a walk-in tent site next to a viewpoint over the Alaska ridge. I am riding with Jörg from Stuttgart, who is on the way South too.

06/03 Little lake after a rain shower.

06/05 Getting into the mountains.

06/05 In Denali National Park, I got a cup of my favorite coffee.

06/07 About 50 km into the park. No more coffee, but a lot of nature.

06/07 Still some snow left at Igloo creek camp.

06/08 On the road to Fairbanks. An American leaning onto another American.

06/08 I have seen this before somewhere...

The Dalton Highway

06/19 Prudhoe Bay / Deadhorse: That is the most Northern point reachable by street in America.

06/19 Last chance to fill up the bags with food. One shop up there; prices are very high. If you don't like it, go to the store next door. Which is...

06/19 Coldfoot - 240 miles away. On the Haul road. The street that follows the oil pipeline 800km down south. Not much stops. 'One' to be precise.

06/19 Caribou crossing

06/20 Lunch at the side of the road.

06/28 Typical food.

06/21 down and up.

06/22 ... and up again. To the Atigun Pass

06/23 Great

06/22 Moose with a little one late in the evening.

06/22 Finally, the 1.000km celebration. I bought the liquid in Prudhoe Bay. In the oilfields of the North Shore, no alcohol is allowed. So a root beer must do the job.

06/23 Another moose in a lake far away

06/23-24 Finally we reached Coldfoot. This is the one gas station in between. With ...

06/23-24 ... Truckers,

06/23-24 ... the food we had sent there,

06/23-24 ... and all-you-can-eat buffet :-)

06/25 Always pedaling close to the pipeline

06/26 The Arctic Circle.

06/27 Crossing the Yukon River

06/27 The weather got worse

06/27 On muddy roads...

06/27 The rain fully came

06/27 Pitching the tent - not so much fun.

06/27 An hour later, the reward from the sun

06/28 Mostly done. The Dalton Highway is over. After 9 days. The next 2 days on the Elliot Highway will be changeling too, but at least on pavement.

07/02 The city of North Pole in Alaska has it's own Santa Claus lane & a lot of Christmas stuff.

07/02 Moose crossing the road.

07/04 Camping next to the wide Gerstle river.

07/04 Hanging the food bear-save in the trees.

06/05 After 5 years of heavy duty usage, the bike stand broke. I am trying to find a replacement in Whitehorse, Canada. (Update [May, 2013]: I did not find a good stand till 16.000km later in Quito, Ecuador)

07/06 The 2.000km (+ a little ;-) beer - still in Alaska.

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