Canada - British Columbia (1)

The route in Canada - British Columbia:

07/25 Liard hot springs. Very nice, but very hot as well, especially when the air has about 25 degrees celsius.

07/26 The weather can be different as well. Typical rain ride. I am laughing because there are only 10 km left to the strawberry flats campground at Muncho Lake.

07/28 Uphill to the Summit Pass, the highest point of the Alaska Highway.

07/29 Fort Nelson. Younger boys on bikes. (no photoshop !)

07/29 Fort Nelson. Older boys with beer outside. (no violation of the law !)

08/03 BBQ with local people. See the boat in the background?

08/03 On the boat (from the background) on Lake Charlie

08/04 Peace River valley.

08/05 Chetwynd. My hotel for some rest days.

08/05 Chetwynd. My fridge for the first rest day.

08/05 Chetwynd. My dinner for the first evening.

08/08 Daisies

08/08 View from the John Hart Highway (Hwy 97)

08/08 4.000km beer @ the Highway.

08/09,11 Locals...

08/14,15 Dusk & dawn at Lasalle Lake

08/16 Mt. Robson, the highest point (3.954m) in the Canadian Rockies.

08/17 Whitney Lake on the way to Alberta.

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