People I met (B)

 06/24 - Vaasa: Jürg Schaller from Solothurn in Switzerland. He rides his bike to the North Cape an beyond. His girlfriend will join him later in Norway.

 06/27 - Vaasa: Dani, another Swiss cyclist from Binningen. Pushing his bike in Scandinavia.

 06/27 - Vaasa: Silvio Schreier from Zwickau, Germany on a motorcycle trip around the baltic sea.

 07/03 - Near Bureå: Ewan Pederson from Denmark. His trip: Denmark - North Cape - Denmark.

 07/04 - Kalix: Two Scotsmen from Glasgow.

 07/06 - Tervola: Sarah and Tim from Scotland on their honeymoon around the world-trip. You can follow them on their blog 88 days on wheels.

 07/06 - Rovaniemi: Jan Rueten-Budde from Germany is on his trip around the baltic sea. His blog is Ostsee 2010.

 07/08 - Rovaniemi: Dominique Mäki from Châbles in Switzerland. Another guy on a long term bicycle adventure. We had a very good time and became friends. We met again in Inari.

 07/09 - North of Sodankylä: Oliver and Ive from France. Their route: France - Germany - Denmark - Norway (North Cape) - Finland - Sweden - Finland - Sweden - Denmark - Germany - France.

 07/11 - Ivalo: Anssi Leinonen on his 3 weeks vacation in North Norge.

 07/12 - Inari: Belgien Peter Ohlens came via the Baltic States.

 07/13 - North of Inari: Guerrino from Verona, Italy. And that's where he came from ... on this way to ... yes to the North Cape.

 07/18 - Titovka, Russia: A couple of adventurers from Moscow.

 07/19 - Between Titovka and Murmansk, Russia: Alexander Putry from Moscow. We met on the road and spend a couple of days together, cycling and walking Murmansk.

 07/25 - Vadsø: Galla, Zoja and Svetlana from Murmansk discovering the beautiful Finnmark on bicycle, camping wherever they find a good spot. Very nice persons.

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